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Want to achieve an outcome for a group of people? Let InspirEngage design a tailored training programme for you. Melody is a trainer with 20 years experience in designing, delivering and measuring the impact of people development training. The InspirEngage modules are interactive, high-energy and purpose-built around your participants and objectives. We promise impact!

“I was trained by Melody in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. With much confidence I can say that she is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Melody’s methods are interactive – you never get bored. Helping people achieve a goal starts with developing the person – Melody understands this process, and her training is built on it.”

Mohamed Gibril, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Libya
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Training is one of those broad terms that means very little, but let us tell you what it is to us. Our programmes are focused on these 4 outcomes:

  • Personal Development (it always starts with the individual- their mindset)
  • Purpose (defining personal purpose and social impact)
  • Skills (core skills modules for practical steps to achieve)
  • Outcome (the ‘so what’)
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    This is our signature skills and people development programme, updated in 2019 with a strong thread of mental resilience and growth mindset. We call it ‘Bootcamp’, because it really gets people moving (both physically and mentally!) Aimed predominantly at young people, the Bootcamps have been delivered across 92 educational institutions in the world with a 98% success-rate.

    Participants are taken through core skills modules which can include; Identity and Self-Concept, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Communication Skills, Project Management, and Enterprise and Innovation. We recommend approx. 25-40 participants in each Bootcamp, on an ongoing basis to create lasting change. Bootcamps can be half day or full day (tasters available) and can also be delivered for larger groups with co-trainers. We ask you questions and tailor-design it to suit.
    Examples: Many to choose from- here’s a few: we trained young people in Japan to launch social enterprises and how to embed this in schools, partnered with Boston College who invited all community members to be trained in orer to impact their wider community and provide partnerships for students, and we partnered with Unltd who provide grants to social entrepreneurs to train those with a loose concept.
    Here’s a programme of Bootcamps including core modules being delivered for 200 young people, over 12 Bootcamps in 10 days, see here:

    See here, series of Bootcamps delivered across the entire Middle East, encouraging innovative job creation, social entrepreneurship and raising motivation.

    “The InspirEngage Bootcamp was wonderful experience and opportunity for the students. A fun and exciting day that encouraged, not pushed, them out of their comfort zones with brilliant results.”

    Winchester Wilmot, Business Teacher, Rivers Academy, West London

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    Unique 3 hour workshops aimed at corporate teams. The aim: to allow busy team members to take their ‘professional hat off’ and to define their personal purpose linked to their professional role.

    Data and studies (as well as our experience) have proven that individuals who crystalise and incorporate their purpose, are happier, more productive and more motivated as a result. Better for business, better for the individuals. Corporates are increasingly realising that individual purpose has a big role to play in talent retention (we’ve also worked with teams in connecting them to CSR / community activities), and this is where we come in! As the world is moving towards a technological take-over, future-proofing will come from investing in human potential.

    An example: The ‘Human Investor’ workshops were delivered for The New York Times Paris and London offices. This powerful workshop for team members (ranging from execs to juniors) uses our tool to crystalise their purpose and personal brand. Participants commented that although they’ve taken endless workshops, they’ve never had anything that has such personal impact and is applicable to their work

    “Very dynamic. Very positive. Very motivating. A great experience that will help me to move forward.”

    Clemence Pasquier, Creative Strategist, New York Times

    “Thank you so much for this moment, really interesting (with surprising results) to think about ourselves.
    Now ready to develop my human potential! So interesting workshop! ‘Mindset is everything'”

    Laurence Karagulian, Senior Manager in Banking, Mazars

    “Melody was truly inspirational.”

    Mary Fitzpatrick, Diversity Leader, GE Capital International

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    Our latest programme preparing people to thrive in the future job market. We are about to enter the 4th industrial revolution, and although no one knows exactly what this will look like, one thing is clear; we must support and train young people and businesses to best position themselves for success in the future.

    Melody delivers training workshops and Masterclasses with two branches:

    1. Skills Most in Demand for the Future (modules around Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and other human skills in demand in the future job market).
    2. Change management connected to human resource for businesses. More simply put; are you, as a company/ business, future-proof?

    Speaking about future of work for women at Future Fest, London:

    “Thank you for providing such valuable, inspirational contributions to the festival! I heard lots of great feedback”

    Josh McNorton, Festival Manager, FutureFest

    “Really inspiring and interesting day. Students gained many skills that will not only aid them in their future careers but day to day lives as well. The students went on a journey throughout which was fascinating to watch and you could clearly see, in the space of a few hours, the confidence and learning that they had gained. Excellent, thoroughly recommended!”

    Becky Mitchell, West Midlands Regional Manager, Mosaic

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    Our training programme aimed at women and girls. Melody has extensive experience in helping females to thrive and has partnered with many organisations such as the Women’s Forum, a range of educational institutions and corporates.

    Startup & Stilettos can be delivered to groups of women (typically 12-25 participants), includes core modules and tailored to suit.

    Example: From 2013-2015 we partnered a women’s only education provider and delivered Startup & Stilettos’ for hundreds of vulnerable adult women in the community, training them to be more confident with skills to become economically independent by launching their own social enterprise. See it in action here:

    and for Startup and Stilettos social media training for women here:

    “I needed someone to push me to do it, but I was negative. You’ve given us this encouragement; I am going to research everything I need to and focus on detail. I can now match up inspiration and practicality and go from there. Thank you!”

    Judith, Startup & Stilettos graduate

    “The girls were very upbeat on the way back to school! One student said ’I now believe that you don’t have to be someone big, to make something big of yourself’(from a student with negative self image) and my House Captain said it was the ’lift’ she needed to go on when the pressures of impending exams was getting her down. Thank you for being such an inspiration to them”

    Susan Taylor, Teacher, Wilnecote High School

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    A programme specifically designed to train groups to develop their skills to launch a social enterprise- a business doing good! The ‘Social Enterprise Revolution’ includes the core skills modules from the Bootcamps with added benefit of participants being supported to learn about social enterprise, develop their concept and take it to launch (depending on length of programme).

    Delivered in several countries in the world as well as being the first programme that embedded social enterprise into the UK curriculum. This programme would suit educational institutions and organisations who are working to address social causes (we’ve worked with Injaz, Junior Achievement and the British Council to name a few).

    Example: Over the course of a year, SER was delivered at 3 colleges, connected to the subjects young people were studying, they were supported to develop their skills to launch a business that earned them money, helped make their learning real and improved their communities.

    See here for video of social enterprise revolution in action at Barnet and Southgate College!

    Harrow College here:

    and Solihull College here:

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    It’s never too early to begin to develop the right mindset and life skills. Primary Revolution is aimed at educational institutions and trains 4-11 year-olds using fun and thought-provoking techniques derived from our core modules.

    Children will get an opportunity to learn by doing and get a flavour of enterprise. Melody is also offering 1-2-1 tuition on life skills and mindset for select children – interested parents, get in touch.

    Want to see what happened when we delivered Primary Revolution? See here:

    “The children thoroughly enjoyed their day with InspirEngage International and learned how to develop important life skills through fun sessions. As a result of the time spent with Melody they devised great ideas, created amazing products and now have the skills to buy and sell a range of products. I was so proud of them all today.”

    Joe Figg, Head, Purleigh Primary School

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    An intense programme training those who want to become/ develop as trainers. Includes modules, delivery styles, constructing training programmes and the best engagement techniques. Minumum 2 days. For groups and individuals.

    Example: We trained hundreds of participants over 2 years in the Middle East, and as a sustainable act, we designed a Train the Trainer programme over 5 days for a selection of those graduates. In partnership with the British Council. Some of those graduates are still delivering a form of those trainings today.

    “The Train the Trainer with Melody, took our Champions in Kuwait to a higher level of leadership, project management, and communication skills. From all the courses I have been to, this course is one that I will remember for the rest of my life”

    Yousef Alabduljader, Manager at Green Palace Gen. Trading EST, Kuwait

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  • We know people. That’s what training is all about- developing human potential- and we’re pretty good at it!
  • We call it an ‘energy-wave disruption’! When something shocks us or intrigues us, we are woken up from our auto-pilot thinking and a window opens to create change. We achieve this within our training Bootcamps.
  • You only learn by doing – we don’t just talk about it! All modules are applied in practice.
  • True power of change can only occur when participants take responsibility. The Bootcamps support them to define their own destinations and steps to get there.
  • The journey of people development is complex- especially when each person is different to the person sat next to them. That’s why one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor programmes for different groups, diverse cultures and locations, not only that, within the training, Melody picks up on what each individual needs, so everyone can reach their personal outcome.

Want us to prove it? Book a taster – or let’s go all in! We’re ready.

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