Personal growth

Melody Hossaini

Personal growth comes from overcoming struggle – a personal insight into my darker days and what motivated me.

We moved to this country, left everyone we knew, started from 0.

My mum was alone with 3 kids.

We didn’t have our own house for the first year.

We were going through really difficult times at home, and then whilst at school, it was even worse. Constantly made fun of, ganged up on (including gangs of people waiting for me outside the school gates to hit me- which they never did, I always defended myself fiercely), and so alone.

We were immigrants, ethnic minorities, ‘disadvantaged’ and from a broken home. My mum refused to give up- she would work long shifts, then went to university at the age of 50 alongside people more than half her age, and got a 2:1 – her third degree, before building a career and a property portfolio. She set an example.

During those years, it would’ve been easy to give up…. I was up against people who had grown up in this country, and there I was in an exam, asking the teacher if ‘decrease’ meant less or more.

I remember asking for the subject syllabus and studying myself to learn what I hadn’t understood in class. I killed myself for those grades.

I also began volunteering in my community from the age of 13 and kept myself distracted and healing my soul by making a positive difference to people’s lives.

All the nights crying.. but NEVER doubting my ability and potential. I just knew I had to work hard and be kind. I chose to be alone over impressing people who were unkind to me.

People say success is the greatest revenge. But I never lived for that. Revenge was and will never be my motivation. Fulfilling my potential & creating impact is.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained people to develop to be their best and to give back through our InspirEngage Bootcamps. We’ve supported thousands of people to launch their own businesses (with a focus on social enterprise), and toured the world speaking about the future of work and emotional intelligence, preparing individuals for maximum success and impact in the rapidly approaching fourth industrial revolution. That’s the reward.

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