Work-Life Balance Advice from a Mumpreneur.

It’s not easy being a parent- it’s harder still being a parent who runs a business. Especially a business, which takes you around the world for weeks on end. So how do I manage it- the guilt, the responsibility and who takes care of my baby? An open and honest vlog recorded whilst away on business in Bahrain for 12 days training 200 young people to launch a business through our InspirEngage Bootcamps.

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What will the future of work look like for women?

I was honoured to speak at FutureFest 2016 London, sharing my predictions and insight on the future of work for women. In this video I share why the female social enterprise movement is so vital to the changing landscape of business, what we need in order for women to further thrive in the future as well as my own experiences shaping my thinking (a snippet).

What are your thoughts on what’s needed for the future world of work and business?

We’d love to hear it!

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A Letter To My Son On Your First Birthday- A Guide Through Life (written September 2015)


Dear Kian,

Wow you’re turning 1! God- where did that year go? During this 1st year- you’ve taught us a love we never imagined possible. You’ve had us crying with laughter and doing silly things to make you smile. I wanted to write you this letter as a guide for you as you go through life’s trials but also the happy highs and also a few lessons I learned which will help you make the most of life. So here goes:

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The Future of Work: Why I’m Optimistic

Future of Work

Article written by Melody Hossaini for Forbes.

We are living in changing times – on the brink of something almost unrecognisable to anything we’ve thus known. Not only in the way jobs are changing – by 2020, the fourth industrial revolution will have transformed the way we live and the way we work – advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be a mainstay in the workplace, but also in cultural shifts.

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Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset. Which are you?


During InspirEngage Bootcamps, we focus on mindset above quick-fixes, building attitudes and a desire to create talent within oneself. Mindset is everything- and one can largely group it into 2 categories: Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. Which are you?

Within the skills and enterprise world, we have long-discussed whether those who are successful are made or born. Those who believe the ‘talent myth’ of success being strongly linked to genetics, are not only incorrect but also, could be destroying other people’s chances of success. Let’s look at why.

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