My 33rd Birthday Open Letter & Advice List

Today I turned 33 years old. It’s been another very special year – moving into our dream home, being pregnant with a little princess and watching Kian grow into a charismatic 3-year old!

Here’s what I’ve learned, followed by an advice to-do list for you guys at the end.

Life- with its ups and downs and fast pace can be distracting. The most important thing you can do is to take time to consider what you’re truly about. I’m not talking about what you own, or who you know.

I’m talking about; strip away labels and the watch you wear all those images you may hold of what ‘making it’ & being big is all about- take away your family & friends (they enrich your life, they don’t define you) and really think, when it comes down to bare bones; what are you about? Are you a kind person? Are you giving? Do you make people feel good about themselves? Are you a happy person? Are you happy with your life and what you do? As human beings we aren’t perfect, so what can you do to improve your shortcomings? What are you truly passionate about? What kind of things make you unhappy and how are you going to try and distance yourself from it? Who are you?

The answers to the above may take a lifetime to discover (that’s the beauty of life- it’s a journey), but today on my birthday, I give thanks. I am grateful for being content in who I am and what I am contributing to the world. This sense of purpose drives me. I believe that you should find God in others- in people’s kindness, in the beauty of life. Thank you to all of you who share your kindness with me.

Here’s my to-do list I wanted to share:

  •  Be kind
  •  Be grateful. Never take anything for granted- no one owes you anything
  •  Don’t allow material things to give you value. Create that within yourself
  •  Find true confidence in knowing who you are- care what people think but don’t let their opinion fundamentally change how you see yourself
  •  Create happiness- it’s an ongoing act, not a destination
  •  Give positive energy wherever you go- you’ll get the same thing back
  •  Respect yourself- never compromise the core of you for anyone
  •  Time is valuable- if you’re unhappy, make a change and do it quickly
  •  Nourish your soul & invest in yourself

All my love. Melody xx

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