Letter to my daughter, Arielle Persia, on your 1st birthday.

It was October 2016, in a pool in Dubai (was there on business) and I was speaking to my mother saying; “so I am planning to have a baby next year… a girl, born in Mid October would be good (oldest in the year is good but our September is already pretty full witth mine and Kian’s birthdays so October would be the next best thing)… which means I will need to conceive in the third week of January… which means, I will need to come off the pill in two months. Ok great – that’s my 2017 plan sorted!” My mother shook her head and said; “Melody you can’t plan life like that!” – but guess what- turns out you can!!!! You can’t get more mid October than 16.30pm on 16th October.

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Humanising the Migration Debate: #IAmARefugee Campaign (video)

“Ex war refugee and former BBC ‘The Apprentice’ candidate Melody Hossaini speaking at St Paul’s Cathedral as part of the #IAmARefugee campaign. The I am a Refugee campaign, launched by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) recognises refugees including singer Rita Ora, designer and model Alek Wek, author Judith Kerr and social entrepreneur Melody Hossaini with a series of plaques which will appear on buildings across the UK during Refugee Week and in an exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral. Aim of the campaign is to humanise the migration debate.”

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Why we must be women lovers! (video)

If you want to succeed and create a cultural shift where other succeed to, we must change the culture of speaking so easily negatively about people, but thinking random complments are strange! In this video I share a really funny story of when I paid a compliment to a girl in a club (this was years ago!), and the lessons I have learned that have led me to passionately believe we must all be women lovers!

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Obstacles to Female Leadership & What Motivates Me (video)

It was an honour to be a keynote speaker at The SHIFT in Finland in 2017 delivering a presentation on social enterprise and how to prepare for the future world of work by developing life skills. In this short clip, I answer two questions from the audience on ‘obstacles to female leadership’ and ‘what motivates you in the morning?’

What do you think are the greatest barriers to women advancing in the workplace? What motivates you to get going in the mornings?

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Work-Life Balance Advice from a Mumpreneur.

It’s not easy being a parent- it’s harder still being a parent who runs a business. Especially a business, which takes you around the world for weeks on end. So how do I manage it- the guilt, the responsibility and who takes care of my baby? An open and honest vlog recorded whilst away on business in Bahrain for 12 days training 200 young people to launch a business through our InspirEngage Bootcamps.

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A Letter To My Son On Your First Birthday- A Guide Through Life (written September 2015)


Dear Kian,

Wow you’re turning 1! God- where did that year go? During this 1st year- you’ve taught us a love we never imagined possible. You’ve had us crying with laughter and doing silly things to make you smile. I wanted to write you this letter as a guide for you as you go through life’s trials but also the happy highs and also a few lessons I learned which will help you make the most of life. So here goes:

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