Are you the person who when given half an opportunity, you take it and run with it? Or are you the person who shrugs their shoulders and says ‘I can’t be bothered?’ – that’s the difference between success and failure. Success truly starts with a willingness to put in, say yes and show up. Yesterday InspirEngage launched the #SUCCESStour in partnership with NCS giving young people an opportunity to shape their own success. Thank you Hagley Catholic School for hosting the first stop of the tour- it was a pleasure speaking with your students.

This project comes as a continuation of our work with NCS since 2011 in delivering the InspirEngage Bootcamps as part of the Summer programme, training young people to develop the skills to firstly shape a solid social action project, but also on how to turn their social action project into a social enterprise. This way continuing to make a difference whilst also earning an income.

We look forward to the coming stops on the #SUCCESStour- see live developments on twitter: @InspirEngage / @Melody_Hossaini


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The Social Enterprise Revolution at Barnet and Southgate College – What Happened!

Barnet and Southgate wanted to bring social enterprise into their curriculum areas in a big way! We spread impact across college with successful Teacher Training, both in-person Bootcamps and online Tutorials for students, resulting in innovative social enterprise projects. Skills Bootcamp also helped student to secure job in interview!

“It’s a great to be working with Melody and InspirEngage as I see this partnership as a brilliant and unique way of embedding social enterprise opportunities within all our courses” David Byrne, Principle at Barnet and Southgate College

This Pioneer college opted for all of the components of the SER programme, including Carousel and Launch, Teacher Training, 8 Skills Bootcamps in person and the Bootcamp Tutorials (impact across college), Showcase day followed by the Graduation.

Teacher Training: Melody with the Curriculum Area Leads

Teachers: Following the launch of SER at the college, all heads of department were gathered for a Teacher Training day with CEO, Melody Hossaini. Through this, they became Social Enterprise Champions and importantly helped co-design what weaving in social enterprise into their curriculum area, would look like. What some of the teachers had to say:  “Thank you for a great trainer’s day. Very energetic and informative trainer.” and “Excellent training, lively and informative.”

Students: The Bootcamps covered all our core modules spread over 8 sessions- students learned what social enterprise looks like, examples of what young people their age have achieved, how you construct a social mission, how to work as a team, how to sharpen their communication skills in business and much more. By way of a taster and opportunity to apply skills gained, students were set a social enterprise sales task, working with our partners My Bnk. Students went away for a week and sold their social enterprise products: Seedbombs, Chocolate and Soap. They sold £432.50 – in just one week!

Projects: The students came up with a range of social enterprise projects, connected to their curriculum, which they presented on Showcase Day. The projects included:

‘Food for Thought’ – fighting homelessness. Students brought in their unwanted clothes, which they sold and raised over £100 in one day. Unsold clothes went to local homeless people and local charity. Now in phase 2 they’re investing their money into making a plaque bench for the community working cross-departmentally with construction students.

Social Enterprise Revolution

‘Rules of Web Design’ – designed a brand new platform, which gives information on how to create a website. It’s free to use so they can forums on there to help people. Selling advertising space to commercialise it. This project was assessed as part of the student’s curriculum area.

‘Diggy Dogs’ – hoody for college leavers so students still feel a part of the Barnet and Southgate community. They worked with other creative groups in the college to finalise the design. They used the showcase to do a feedback survey about what students wanted and managed to secure 50 pre-orders at £20 each without even having the product yet!

Impact: During the Showcase Day one student said, ‘The support I got from the course was great, it was a great experience to have and I will consider what I want to do in the future now’. On the Social Enterprise Revolution Graduation Day, one student said; ‘ I really enjoyed the Showcase Day! I gained a large variety of skills that I have applied to real life business situations which I can take forward in life.’

In the first Bootcamp, one of the female participants was so anxious about presenting in front of the group that she left the room. Our InspirEngage Trainers helped the student to develop her skills and confidence in presenting. By the end of the Social Enterprise Revolution, she presented her groups’ final social enterprise project to the class and she spoke on camera about her experiences!

When we covering the Communications module, one student said he had an Interview coming up and was really worried about his communication skills as he got really nervous. We showed him how to apply everything he had learned through the Bootcamp – listening, communicating yourself with clear words and reading the interviewers body language. The next week we saw him he told us he did really well, wasn’t too nervous and was offered the job!

Some of the students- skills for social enterprise!

“The support I got from the course was great, it was a great experience to have and I will consider what I want to do in the future now” Hasan Avci, Student

“I gained negotiation and planning skills, and how to find a target market.” Stephanie, Student

“The Social Enterprise Revolution was awesome! I found the teamwork aspect most useful and I learned to take more initiative” Siavash, Student

“I really enjoyed the Showcase Day! I gained a large variety of skills that I have applied to real life business situations which I can take forward in life.” Dominic Olive, Student

“I have gained confidence and knowledge of social enterprise – Thank you!” Rebecca McKeer, Student

“I really enjoyed the Social Enterprise Revolution. I’ve gained new skills, and it’s given me a list of ideas on how to communicate well” Alex Nonillo, Student

“I got first hand experience in selling – I’ve never had to sell products to people before!” Jamie, Student

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