You find out you’re having your first baby, you have images of cute baby clothes, bedtime reading and a gorgeous nursery! But where do you start? Been meaning to write this blog for a while now- and have collaborated with Homify to give you this insight into creating Kian’s nursery, and where I sourced the furniture from as little as 99p to hundreds of pounds.

Kian’s nursery

Before deciding how to design the nursery – we needed to first decide which room to use! We have a 4-bedroom house, and next to our bedroom, we have a dressing room for make-up, shoes and clothes (this was super useful and loved it!) but we decided to clear it all out and move the wardrobes and things out and make it a blank canvas for the new nursery!

Colour Theme

We found out we were having a boy, and straight away I knew that I didn’t want a typical ‘boy-blue’. I would suggest going to a hardware store to look at the colour palettes to choose a colour. We went for a gorgeous and vibrant bluey-green (see pic).

Wall Features

I spent some time looking at wall features to add an edge! You can check out nursery ideas at homify > You can have really cute borders (but find those slightly dated now), but we went for a really nice wall sticker that we bought from Homebase. It was see through where there was no print so looks almost like it’s been painted on. Would really recommend this and we’ve received lots of lovely compliments on it. We also got a stick-on text one for above Kian’s cot.

Furniture Set

My mum’s mum bought my furniture set when I was a baby, so my mum said she would like to do the same for Kian. I knew I wanted a set as it makes a real impact and ties the pieces together across the room. But the mistake many make is going for a small baby-size wardrobe. Yes, they look very cute, but not practical with limited space. There are baby furniture sets, which come with an almost adult size single wardrobe. Go for those, because it’s possible to put a double rail in it. We went for the ‘MIA’ set from Mamas & Papas which cost around £1,100. It came with the beautiful sleigh-style cot, the big wardrobe and the changer unit with draws. Admittedly, we haven’t used the changer top for changing the baby (I find them so inconvenient!) but we have used it as a teddy display!

The Special Touches

I am a big fan of shelves- they make a room homely and add something to plain walls without making it messy with accent walls and prints. We put up a big shelf for his books above the changer unit, which we bought from IKEA. And on the other side we put a really cute shelf with little hooks that I bought from B&M for 99p! Bargain of the century!

We also bought fabric and made the curtains and matching cushions! Although this was good in getting matching items, but it turns out to be mouch more expensive.

Arm Chair & Side table

No nursery is complete without an arm chair. In those early months, it is used for nursing, but on an ongoing basis, it’s where Kian and I sit every night reading books. I looked at so many different types but I am not a fan of oversized armchairs in a bedroom so opted for this really comfy but compact one from IKEA which cost £165. I also bought a white cosy throw to go over it which has kept it clean and new. I really needed a side table for his bedtime books I keep to hand and his essential bits we use at bedtime. I wanted it small and fitting into the space we had. I managed to find the perfect real-wood side table at a local carboot which my mum painted for me in a Laura Ashley white paint to match the rest of the furniture. I love it and it fits perfectly – and cost me £2!

Once you have the above essentials in, you can make the room personal with paintings your baby creates, gifts people bring and your own sentimental touches! The nursery became our favourite room in the house!


Hope you enjoyed this blog and Homify and myself we would love to see your beautiful baby nurseries! Instagram or tweet us on @Melody_Hossaini