Muslim women who can’t speak English – that’s been one of the main stories in the press today. The point about people learning to speak English – it’s something I’ve been talking about for a long time. It’s absolutely VITAL that people who settle in a certain country, learn to speak the language of that country. As a former resident and national of Sweden, I know that no one was able to get a Swedish passport unless they passed Swedish language tests.

It’s unacceptable that some have lived here 40 years and can’t put a sentence together- or that some children start primary school at 4 years old, having been born in this country yet don’t speak a word of English! How can you appreciate the culture, contribute┬ámeaningfully or integrate? (yes you can pay taxes but that isn’t the only contribution that matters!)

However, having said all that, I don’t like how the news is speaking about the English language barrier, solely as being relevant to MUSLIM WOMEN! It’s not! That has nothing to do with it! It applies to everyone. If we really want to solve the root of this problem – we have to look at the cultural traits of the communities where this issue is prevalent, and understand that in order to solve it.

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