My son, Kian

Here’s a snippet of a home video with my son Kian (16 months) having dinner earlier today, that I just had to share with you guys! It’s moments like this that make motherhood truly the very best job in the world!!!



(photo by Everything Between Photography)

Why are we limited by society's gender specific toys?

From birth we are programmed to follow the usual ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls’ – so much so that we don’t even question why things are so gender-specific, even for babies who don’t even know what they are! Last night, I was forced to stop and think.

These little teddy comfort rags come in blue & in pink. Society has forced us to robotically purchase blue for boys and pink for girls- but why? Babies enjoy colour- any colour! So why do we surround boys in blue and girls in pink? And also why is it so impossible to imagine a boy having a pink rag or a girl a blue?

Last night I was invited to a family dinner to reveal the sex of an unborn baby in our family! Kian was there and in the middle of dinner, he began crying- unfortunately, I realised I had forgotten his little rag toy (the blue one someone bought us as a gift). Our friend was kind enough to lend us theirs (pink one). But instead of it looking odd that he had a pink one- instead it made me think- why not!?

Kiki has a pink and a blue now. I think he probably likes the variety. But it made me think how society limits or pre-determines boundaries for our children by way of gender. I think that’s wrong. Furthermore, why isn’t there more gender neutral colours available like yellow, orange and gold? I will set my own boundaries for my baby- not society. And my parameters will be as wide as possible to allow him to explore and be free to be creative and to become what he wants to be. That goes for gender colours as it does for life. Mindset is built from an early age.

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