‘Do well by doing good’ that’s the InspirEngage message. It’s such a pleasure when we can work with young people to train them to do exactly that. This year marked the 4 year of our involvement and partnership with Mosaic and the National Enterprise Challenge. Once again, we brought all the finalists of the challenge together and delivered a tailored InspirEngage Social Enterprise Bootcamp – helping the 13-15 year-olds to develop their aspirations of future careers, deepen their life skills as well as learn how they can take their social enterprise ideas to the next level.

A quote from a teacher at the Bootcamp

Here’s the summary from the Mosaic article (see original source here)

Some of the finalists from May’s Grand Final of Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge recently took part in an Enterprise Bootcamp run by businesswoman and trainer Melody Hossaini of InspirEngage.

Throughout the day, Melody built on the impressive skills that the young people had already demonstrated in the Enterprise Challenge competition and led workshops for them designed to hone and extend their business acumen and further raise their confidence. The feedback from the pupils at the end of the busy was very positive. Nathan Gage from Rivers Academy in Hounslow said: “I enjoyed today very much and I learnt a lot of valuable skills about communication in business.”

Kajal Parekh from Dixons Kings Academy in Yorkshire, said: “This was hugely beneficial for me, not just in terms of business but I’ve also learnt a lot of skills that will helpful in everyday life.”

Hamzah Khan, Head of Year 9 at Dixons Kings Academy, said: “Today’s Enterprise Bootcamp has been fantastic. Melody engaged the students in a really fun and interactive way whilst also helping them to understand some important business concepts and develop the skills needed to be a successful social entrepreneur. The students have had a great day and I’m sure it will give them the confidence and know-how to be able to achieve great things in business in the future.”

Jack, a student from Rivers Academy added: “Today has really helped in terms of bring able to use new skills in daily life. We have leant how to understand how people can notice how you feel based on how you act through body language.”

Abusafian from Dixons Kings added: “Today has helped with our confidence and has taught us what to do and what not to do when presenting. I have enjoyed looking at feedback and learning about evaluations.”

Mosaic’s West Midlands Regional Manager, Becky Mitchell said: “The Bootcamp was a really inspiring and interesting day where the students gain many skills that will not only aid them in the future careers but day to day lives as well. The students went on a journey throughout the day which was fascinating to watch and you could clearly see, in the space of a few hours, the confidence and learning that they had gained. An excellent day and thoroughly recommended! Thank you!”


Further statements on how students and teachers found the Bootcamp:

“It’s been very interesting and very useful. In our lives we will be able to use what we have learnt, as well as in business.” Zulkarnain, Dixons Kings.

“Today had been a very interesting experience. We have leant new skills and will be able to develop our future careers. Introducing us to proma development will really help us in our futures.” Abdurrahim, Dixons Kings

“The InspirEngage Bootcamp was wonderful experience and opportunity for the students. A fun and exciting day that encouraged, not pushed, them out of their comfort zones with brilliant results.” – Winchester Wilmot, Business Teacher at Rivers Academy West London.

“I think that the InspirEngage workshop was very beneficial for me as I have learnt skills that I can use n everyday life as well business skills. For example communication and meeting new people and working with them.” – Kajal Parekh, Dixons Kings

“The InspirEngage  workshop was a great experience and I learnt lots of useful skills that will help me in the future” Ruqayyah, 15, Dixons Kings

“It was very ‘inspiring’ and ‘Engaging’, but there was nothing fishy but the sandwiches.” – Nathan Patel, Dixons Kings Academy

“I learned loads of communication skills that will help me in life” Jack Shircore, 14, Rivers Academy

‘I enjoyed today very much as I learnt valuable skills about communication and roles in a business’ Nathan Gage, Rivers Academy

“I have a had a great and positive experience, met new people and learnt more about business” Darren Clarke, Rivers Academy



InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp - interactive & exploratory

Mosaic supporter Melody Hossaini and CEO of InspirEngage International got down to serious business with budding entrepreneurs recently at the Enterprise Challenge Entrepreneurs’ Workshop.

Melody, a former contestant on BBC’s The Apprentice, took this year’s winning and second placed Enterprise Challenge finalists to a special InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp. The Bootcamp, held at the offices of KPMG in Canary Wharf, was part of a series of follow-up prizes to the Enterprise Challenge. The business-focussed workshop gave the students a taste of InspirEngage’s Skills Bootcamp with a focus on social enterprise. Students from winning school Skinners’ Academy in Hackney and runners-up Langley Academy in Slough took part.

The students heard from Melody about her experience in setting up her social enterprise, and were given an opportunity to develop their own knowledge and skills across a range of areas linked to setting up and running their own social enterprise. During the first half of the Bootcamp, the students were able to take part in confidence building, self-awareness and communications skills.

Students with InspirEngage Mentor, Oscar Evans

The second half of the InspirEngage Bootcamp involved the students developing their business plans further that they produced at the Enterprise Challenge Grand Final in London 2015. InspirEngage had even invited two of their high-profile mentors, Gareth Narinesingh and Oscar Evans who delivered thought-provoking personal accounts as well as sat with the students to offer advice and feedback on their business plans.

On the Bootcamp, Melody said: “Really enjoyed being a judge in the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge Finals and see the students’ business concepts. Following this and for the third year now, InspirEngage International has delivered our Skills Bootcamp for the finalist teams in bringing their concepts to life. We trained them to develop their skills and mindset to turn their concept into a real social enterprise. Great progress and so glad the students took a lot from it. Thank you also to KPMG for hosting.”

‘Our purpose at KPMG is to inspire confidence and empower change. Mosaic seeks to inspire young people from deprived communities to realise their talents and potential, they partnered with InspirEngage to deliver a skills Bootcamp for student finalists in the Mosaic Enterprise Challenge in our new SPRING space. SPRING is KPMG UK’s fresh new approach to Corporate Responsibility and our employee volunteering offer.’ Roisin Murphy, Head of Corporate Responsibility, KPMG

(Written by Mosaic, edited by InspirEngage. Photography by Sophie Allen)