My son, Kian

Here’s a snippet of a home video with my son Kian (16 months) having dinner earlier today, that I just had to share with you guys! It’s moments like this that make motherhood truly the very best job in the world!!!



(photo by Everything Between Photography)

Baby’s Christmas is always so special- especially for first-time parents in trying so hard to create memories and wanting to do everything right. Read what we decided to give to Kian as his second Christmas present.

If you have a baby, you’ll know how much effort goes into making Christmas special for them- and a lot of effort goes into spoiling them with gifts! Last year, I gave this a lot of thought. About the message I wanted our gifts to give him. As Kian’s very first

Gift of Giving - last year's gift

Christmas gift, we decided to give him the gift of giving and made a donation to help less fortunate children through NSPCC in his name (read more here.)

And this year, we decided to give him the gift of experience and quality time. Yes, we try do this everyday, but as his Christmas gift, we took him to Winter Wonderland in London and watched his face light up as he saw all the lights and went on his first ride! I loved him taking in his new surroundings and new sights and he looked fascinated by the London tube! We had a beautiful day as a little family and have made some lovely memories.

I want him to know that first you give, and then when it comes to yourself, the most valuable thing you can give anyone is your time and nothing more precious can come from it than an experience and memory. When all is said and done, we don’t remember that great outfit we got, but we remember moments that made us feel good, with the people we love. Granted – he is too young to fully remember all of this, but I think that lessons are learned through our everyday interactions and being able to set an example.

Hope you’re all having a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones and making the most of your time together. Sending you all lots of love.




Exploring Solids For The First Time!

Food, glorious food! This is my Weaning Part 2 blog, sharing Kian’s first week meals of solids!

Food becomes a part of our everyday life, almost automatically. It also bring with it a social occasion – going out for dinner with friends or sitting round the table for a family meal and catch up. Yet, it’s so new to little babies who have only been used to milky liquid and not yet familiar with the texture of solid food – they have so much to learn! How to accept food, to pick up food themselves, to chew and swallow and much more!

At the same time, babies need protein, carbs, iron and all that good stuff! Having a baby is completely new to me- had never been around babies before Kian, so weaning is another unknown world to me. It was also strange that my little nini would eat ‘grown-up’ food like chicken! Was thinking, how will I also have time to get 3 meals a day into the already busy schedule?! But I got my head around it (and still exploring!) and here’s what we had in our first week meal plan:

Breakfast (at 9 o’clock)

I tried a couple of breakfast options in his first week. His favourite (which he ate up- and wanted to even eat the bowl!) was Aptamel porridge mixed with ripened bananas, apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon! It’s really lovely! The porridge is full of its own vitamin etc. You simply mix it with water (which gives you the softened texture), mash the banana a little. The apples have to be peeled, take pips out, cut into pieces, steam them then put them into the blender (but don’t make it super smooth)- mix it all together. It’s delicious and so nutritious. The other thing we had for breakfast was scrambled eggs (made with butter and cooked through) with cottage cheese and pineapple pieces.

Lunch (at 12.30pm)

We had a mix of chicken, fish and beef for meats, with rice, pasta, eggs and lots of veg!

For fish- he had white Basa fillet and salmon. You have asked me how we cooked it. The white fish, I put in foil and cooked in oven with a few drops of oil. The salmon I put in microwave. He had this with sweet potato and lentils.

While I am on the lentils- it’s a great thing as it’s packed with Iron which is so important for babies, who can sometimes develop an iron deficiency. You can do this in lots of ways, but I simply boiled it mixed with carrots and celery and put it in the blender.

Also for lunch, when they are full of energy, it’s a good time to practice the baby-led weaning and let them feed themselves!

One of our fave lunchtime

I like this meal for that: Cucumber sticks (peal it, cut the seeds out) but make them long so they can hold it, with the lentils mix and some avocado on the side. It just works and all different textures!

Dinner (at 6pm)

A favourite is a chicken dish: boil chicken in water with veg like carrots, sweet potato, leek, onion and celery- then put in blender. He had it with a mix of rice, on its own and pasta. It’s healthy and yummy! A good tip is also if you just take the liquid, you can use it as stock for other meals, and if you make a lot, you can add salt, pepper etc and turn it into a soup for the family too (no salt for babies though).

I also cooked Kian his first pasta bolognese with beef (another iron-rich source)- it was delicious and he loved it! Will share the recipe in my next blog! Keep an eye.


If you’re busy like me and thinking, I just don’t have the time for all this (especially if you are working alongside all of this, like me) then don’t worry, I thought the same thing, but once you get into it, you will make it work! The key is to batch cook and be clever with what you put in the fridge ready for his meals that day and next, and what you put into the freezer. I love those amazingly sized plastic containers! I bought 6 for £1 in pound land and love the colours they come in (so can colour coordinate which is chicken, beef etc).

Perfect portion size container for batch cooking






Kian (5 months) - starting to explore food!

The business of eating – such a simple, everyday thing for us, but a brand new experience for babies! It’s called weaning (I hate the word!). Kian is now just over 5 months old. Although it’s not advisable to start feeding babies proper food until they’re 6 months, it’s good to get them to start tasting different foods when they’re 5/5.5 months.

Last night, we sat Kian in his highchair for the first time and had mashed some sweet potato in a bowl and let him taste it off the spoon and hand. He didn’t like it that much! He was also confused as to what to do with a little spoon near his mouth, having been so used to milk. But once he understood, he tried it and had a taste (licked more than ate!).

Today, we tried carrots. This is also really good if they’re teething because it’s cool and hard. He didn’t eat it but he learned to hold it himself, to pick it up and taste it. This is called baby-led weaning. It’s so important to get babies used to both baby-led and for you to feed them. And this 5th month is all about introduction to food and eating rather than eating, per se. One mistake we made though was starting him in the evening, it would be much better to do it in the morning when they are most alert.

Problems with eating is a worry for a lot of parents once children get a little older- which is why it’s so important to make these early experiences happy ones. It doesn’t matter if they’ve had enough just that they enjoy interacting with the food and see you smiling at them! It’s also about showing them that food is a social activity ‘mummy and I are sitting and having breakfast together and talking’, rather than seeing it as a chore.

Sweet potato- his 1st food

Good foods to get them started in early weaning:

  • Sweet potato
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Baby Cereal / baby porridge
  • Banana

I’m only day 2 into the weaning process- will let you know how we get on! Let me know about your experiences too!

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