When people ask us what we do, we say ‘help people to do well by doing good’. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been working with Boston College through our ‘Social Enterprise Revolution’ programme, starting with hosting their first ever social enterprise conference, to delivering several social enterprise Bootcamps and facilitating their social enterprise market day- all with the objective of increasing the number of social enterprises in the community. On 27 April 2016, we delivered a very special Bootcamp.

Back in February, a group of students and community members came together where we helped them develop their skills to and project development tools to take their social enterprise ideas to fruition. With pots of seed-funding up from grabs in partnership with Unltd, the Bootcamp had great outcome with several securing what they needed. At the end of the Bootcamp, I offered the group (mostly consisting of Plumbing students) the opportunity to do a ‘Train the Trainer’ with us in order to co-deliver the next Bootcamp. A few of them signed up.

Fast forward to 27 April, the 4 students spent the morning with Melody, learning the techniques of a trainer, breaking down the modules and practicing delivering it. We encouraged them to push through their comfort zone and to try to lead a session on their own. We rolled up our papers and ran for the afternoon Bootcamp!

The afternoon Bootcamp was for a group of A-level students. We walked in and I asked them why they were there (always important to gauge expectation). Comments like “to learn how to make a difference”, “do something new” and “to learn new skills” were offered. Perfect. We were off! Although the atmosphere was laden with anxiety over the imminent end of year exams, the students pushed through. Their chosen theme for their group social enterprise was chosen by themselves; The social inclusion of the elderly and intergeneration with young people.

Our ‘train the trainer’ Milika delivered the first segment and was professional and enthusiastic and on it went, each doing a great job and pushing through the nerves they felt. This was as much about them, as the Bootcamp participants we were training.

We looked at the community and different aspects of it as relating to their project, we helped them break the project down through an interactive module called PROMA© as well as set them an unexpected creativity social enterprise task! Here’s the interesting thing. Usually, people get participants to pitch to a panel of experts (we’ve sat on our fair share of those!), but I wanted them to pitch to a panel of their peers (the train the trainer students). This had a powerful effect and interesting dynamic on both sides.

The A-level students walked in with a desire to create change and knew their theme- but had no idea of what project they wanted to run or how to do it. Despite it being just a half a day Bootcamp, it’s important to us to support them to feel like they can go to the next stage (wherever they started from). We’re pleased that the A-level students were able to walk out with a solid concept, a name for it and a plan as to what they were going to do next. We won’t ruin the surprise, but it’s an absolutely brilliant idea and we look forward to keeping you updated on what happens next!

As for the Train the Trainer students – one of the participants who put himself forward, at his Bootcamp was extremely shy to say his own name, and yet stood up to co-deliver with us! At the end he said; “I don’t feel shy anymore”


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Revolutionise Enterprise – Go Social!

Boston College are the latest College to dip their feet into ‘Social Enterprise Revolution’ by running a taster day on 21st April 2015. The programme, which was launched in 2013 by InspirEngage International and featured in Lord Young’s ‘Enterprise For All’ report, trains students to become successful by giving back, with a connection to their curriculum.

The day, which will include a Skills Bootcamp for learners followed by an interactive conference for businesses and local community, will be delivered by InspirEngage CEO and the first ever social entrepreneur to appear on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’; Melody Hossaini. Boston College are working in partnership with Taylor iTEX CIC and UnLtd to fund and support social entrepreneurs and some of the awardees will be attending the day to share their story. The conference is in conjunction with Boosting the Local Economy, supported by Boston Big Local and UnLtd

Melody Hossaini: Founder of InspirEngage International – portfolio in over 100 countries, reached over 1 million people; experts in training people to be successful by giving back. Former war asylum-seeker from Iran, award-winning female social entrepreneur, started aged 13, based in the UK, grew up in Sweden, has travelled the world. Trained by Nobel Laureates Desmond Tutu on Peace Implementation at PeaceJam in LA and former Vice-President Al Gore on Climate Change at Cambridge in 2007.

In 2011, Melody was selected over 70,000 people to be on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, became the first ever social entrepreneur to appear on the show, making it to week 10 out of 12, being described by Lord Sugar as ‘a woman of exceptional ability’. As featured on CNBC, Channel 4’s ‘Battlefront’, BBC 1’s ‘Show Me The Money’, HRH the Queen’s 2009 Christmas Day speech (for projects at CHOGM) and regular writer for The Guardian. Melody is a professional speaker, skills trainer, blogger and a new mum.

Twitter handles: @bcezone / @InspirEngage / @Melody_Hossaini / @SocEnt_Rev – #GoSocEnt

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