‘Invest In Yourself’ is Melody’s global 1-2-1 coaching programme, aimed at individuals who want to create life-changing impact.

Coaching is about the mind and emotional-well being coupled with the practical steps needed to achieve your goals. Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do, do it now with the support of a personal development expert.

Coaching packages are typically bought by individuals looking to invest in themselves, and companies looking to invest in the development of team members.

“Executives and HR Managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term.”

The Ivy Business Journal


You decide what package would help you most and sign up by contacting us or paying here. We then send you a form to answer about your current situation and what you wish to get out of coaching- your objectives. Melody then prepare your first session accordingly to make the most of your time

If needed, Melody sets you tasks in between sessions in order for you to take practical steps, and also follows up with you. Sessions are valid for 12 months and can be spread out as you wish. Melody’s style is informal and friendly, allowing you to explore and overcome personal barriers, plan for success and be your happiest.

“Six calls with Melody and I’ve noticed changes in my confidence, mindset and abilities! In a short space of time I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and pragmatically dealt with situations that I would have previously felt quite anxious in.”

S.K., Coaching Client
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All coaching sessions are 1 hour each, all take place via Skype or phone (video or voice), except for ‘Executive Coaching’ which take place in-person.

  • 3 sessions: £282 (£94 per session)
    This package works very well if you need help with one or two specific issues, goals or challenges that have been holding you back.
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  • 6 sessions: £534 (£89 per session)
    If you are serious about creating a lasting change in your life, this is the package for you. It gives us enough time to get some real work done. Even if all you know is that something in your life needs to change, this package provides adequate opportunity for us to get to the core, define goals and come up with some powerful and realistic solutions.
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  • Life coaching: (£82 per session – minimum of 10 sessions)
    Life coaching are regular coaching sessions for ongoing support and guidance with someone who will come to know you well but is a professional and outside your immediate circle. Melody will focus on your personal development, skills and well-being but the sessions will also be shaped and lead by your needs and can be spaced out to suit your schedule throughout the year. The life coaching will be on an ongoing basis until you feel that the support is no longer needed.
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  • Executive Coaching, face-to-face (£300 per session)
    The only coaching that takes place face to face with professionals in executive / managerial positions who want independent support away from their teams. We will focus on goals, eliminating barriers, clearing headspace and setting the most productive mindset for growth potential and success.
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  • The Communications Masterclass
    For those who want to refine, develop and master the art of communication. Melody will do a diagnostic on what level you’re at, where you want to be and give you practical exercises, resources and feedback on how to speak and present in a style that suits you. Session costs as above.
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  • The Confidence Masterclass
    The first step to succeeding at anything is being in the right mindset and feeling good about who you are. That’s true confidence. Melody will use resources and exercises tailored to you to unlock the best in you. If confidence is holding you back, don’t waste anymore time. Session costs as above.
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For a one-off intervention, a focused coaching session can also be purchased at £120.
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If you want to discuss anything or wish to pay in instalments, drop us a line on

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  • Insight and support from a personal development expert with over 20 years experience
  • Our resources and tools
  • Practical exercises tailored to you
  • Access to network and contacts as appropriate
  • Ongoing contact with Melody including check-up emails

“Melody thank you so much for our session. I found it very inspiring, helpful and supportive. You really helped me to put everything into perspective and embrace my current circumstances. Thank you for the variety of different ideas and suggestions, it really has given me lots to think and reflect upon. I feel truly inspired.”

G.S., Coaching Client
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