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With over 17 years experience in the skills and enterprise sector, we deliver Skills Bootcamps, Social Enterprise Programmes and Corporate Training leading to personal and professional development with a social conscience. InspirEngage International is one of the leading organisations in skills training and people development, with a portfolio spanning 100+ countries, having reached 1 million people in merely 6 years.

We want you to be happy and lead a fulfilling career. InspirEngage International was built on the belief that the best form of success, is one which has a social benefit. We do this through our Skills Bootcamps, Social Enterprise programmes and Speaking Engagements that are interactive, personal and exploratory.

Our core programmes are:

-     Life Skills Bootcamps

Our world renowned Bootcamps are where the magic happens! We help instil a mindset and practical skills to realise goals and support individuals and businesses to become successful by giving back.

-       Social Enterprise Revolution (schools, colleges and universities)

UK’s first hands-on social enterprise programme embedded into the curriculum of schools, colleges and universities- as featured in the Government ‘Enterprise For All’ report. More info here. See videos to give you an flavour of how it works:

-      Primary Revolution (primary schools)

Social Enterprise programme connected to the core curriculum for 4-11 year-olds. You can never start too early! Life skills, core curriculum made real and social enterprise. See short video to see us in action!

-       Startup and Stilettos- The Future is Female (for girls and women)

An innovative training programme supporting women and girls to become economically active through social enterprise. See the videos for an insight and hear from the women directly!

-    Corporate Training

Working with businesses to renew CSR models with a thread of social enterprise, as well as providing corporate training for teams and professional speaking.“Working with InspirEngage International has added tremendous value to our organization”. Harry Verhaar, Senior Director – Philips . “Melody inspires her audiences to take action. She serves as an excellent role model for future leaders.” Patrick Lor, Co-Founder of iStockPhoto

Our clients have ranged from Educational Institutions (struggling schools where students were previously failing, all the way to Oxford University and Wellington College), Corporates (such as Philips, GE and HSBC), to leading government and NGO organisations (British Council, Mosaic and United Nations).

Established in 2009 by award-winning social entrepreneur and professional speaker Melody Hossaini, we’ve worked with varied groups with life-changing results. InspirEngage and its CEO have a substantial following of over half a million people and businesses weekly across social media channels and a direct connection to a large number of young people. This helps us to listen and shape our services accordingly.

As featured in: The Guardian, Sky, BBC1, CNBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph, TEDx, Queens Speech, BBC Radio, MTV, Huffington Post

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We want to connect people with the power to make a difference in their community. When this connection is made, it’s VERY powerful- especially in young people.  Which is why InspirEngage International’s work is so important. Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society (2013)

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