The Essentials of Starting a Business (video)

Thinking about starting a business, but don’t know what the first step is? I interview Sue Towner, Director of Jackson Scott Associates, Accountant and Finance expert who shares all the top tips and practical steps to registering a business and keeping accounts. (2014)

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Obstacles to Female Leadership & What Motivates Me (video)

It was an honour to be a keynote speaker at The SHIFT in Finland in 2017 delivering a presentation on social enterprise and how to prepare for the future world of work by developing life skills. In this short clip, I answer two questions from the audience on ‘obstacles to female leadership’ and ‘what motivates you in the morning?’

What do you think are the greatest barriers to women advancing in the workplace? What motivates you to get going in the mornings?

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Should all entrepreneurs be social entrepreneurs? (video)

Should all entrepreneurs be social entrepreneurs? Clip from the debate at Social Enterprise Festival held on 15 May 2015 at University of Greenwich. Panelists included Liam Black, Peter Holbrook, Daniela Papi, Adrian Ashton and Melody Hossaini.

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Startup & Stilettos: how we’re creating a wave of female social entrepreneurs

Startup and Stilettos is an InspirEngage programme, training vulnerable adult women to become economically active through social enterprise. We train the participants on modules such as identity, mapping the community and even confidence development through Persian dance for them to feel good, business savvy and equipped with practical steps to bring their concept to life. The programme benefits the women themselves, their children/ families and their community. Our partners Hillcroft College were invaluable to the success.

Social enterprise is a fantastic model for these ladies to utilise what they have experienced along with their aspiration to make a difference and work. It’s one of the programmes where we’ve had the most social impact

Here’s a flavour of the journey our lovely ladies went on.

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How we are creating social entrepreneurs in the Middle East through InspirEngage Bootcamps (video)

Watch how InspirEngage has supported the growth of entrepreneurship across the Middle East region. In order to achieve economical reform and growth, the Middle East has developed a strong vision to develop entrepreneurs and skills in the region. In February 2016, InspirEngage delivered a tour across Bahrain including: 1) A speaking tour ‘How to Change the World 2) Delivery of InsirEngage Bootcamp for young people at Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum 3) Business Masterclass for businesses to grow and be sustainable with social impact

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How to ace an interview! From the first handshake to how to answer questions. (video)

As a personal development and communication skills trainer with 20 years experience, I supported many people to develop their interview skills and do themselves justice in that all important interview time. You want your dream job? Here are my top interview tips!

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Applying for a job? How to write the best application form. (Video)

During my various roles, I have read thousands of application forms. Here are all my top tips on how to write the best application form and how to avoid common mistakes on an application form in order to be successful in job applications. Good luck!

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Revision Tips and Tricks! (Video)

Master the art of revision for exams. Whether you’re doing GCSEs, A-levels, University degree or special qualifications- it’s all about adopting a set of revision techniques that ensure you can get the results that best reflect your ability. In this video, I go through step by step of all the easy-to-adopt ways you can remember as much information as possible for exam success. One of my most watched youtube videos.

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Work-Life Balance Advice from a Mumpreneur.

It’s not easy being a parent- it’s harder still being a parent who runs a business. Especially a business, which takes you around the world for weeks on end. So how do I manage it- the guilt, the responsibility and who takes care of my baby? An open and honest vlog recorded whilst away on business in Bahrain for 12 days training 200 young people to launch a business through our InspirEngage Bootcamps.

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