G8- Arab Women Summit. Overview Blog

Topic of interest covered in this piece: Women development, Middle East, North Africa, G8. UK Government Department for International Development. Finance, law and (social) enterprise in the Middle East. G8 Deauville Partnership Summit for Arab Women – Overview Blog. 25/26 … read more

OPPORTUNITY! International Gala Dinner- Y8

Are you 18-30, a passionate young leader? Here’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss! You could be having dinner with us at this beautiful venue alongside high-profile members tomorrow night! An incredible opportunity open to young people over the … read more

The Ultimate Choice for Women- Career vs Family

Startup and Stilettos Live Blog The Ultimate Choice for Women- Career vs Family. Should we feel guilty either way? This weekend we have been running our Startup and Stilettos Bootcamp to a new group of women, which has proved to … read more

Be you & Be good. The Confidence Game.

Whether you’re on a quest to develop your confidence, beating the bullies or simply on a journey of self-discovery- this blog is for you. More & more whilst working with young people, it’s being confirmed to me that having confidence … read more

Adopting the right mindset for growth

Ever looked at successful people and wondered, what it is that makes them successful. It’s based on one thing (well, to be fair, probably a myriad of things covering timing, hard work and lots of factors, but generally speaking!)- and … read more

Why the Future is Female

The Future is Female- why? The current trends of our time favours women’s more networked minds & sharper emotional intelligence. Things are about to change, and we’re delivering tailored women-only Bootcamps to support women to make the most of this … read more

The Magic outside your comfort zone...

  Capturing the stories that enrich the InspirEngage Bootcamps When you have the privilege of training people, you witness them going on a journey of self-discovery. This lovely girl (pictured with me) was one of the students who took part … read more

Melody's Revision Tips & Tricks

Maximise Exam Success With My Top Revision Tips! No matter how much you hate it- we all have to take exams (that’s if you’re lucky enough to have the privilege of education.) So you might as well ace it- I … read more

Take a lesson: Top 10 Regrets By Those About To Die.

It’s not the end of the world-but what if it was? Want to know what the top regrets in life are? What if today was the last day… what would you celebrate in your life and what would you regret … read more

Social Enterprise- leading the way!

“Social Entrepreneur? People will think that’s an entrepreneur who goes out a lot or spends a lot of time on facebook!” Said to me by one of BBC’s The Apprentice producers following my suggestion of the title ‘Social Entrepreneur’ whilst … read more

“It’s a mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” Aristotle It’s truly an art-form to be able to debate something passionately but always being able to stay within the parameters of what’s … read more

Thinking about going Global?

3 Top Tips for enterprises wanting to do business overseas Having just returned from delivering a tour of ‘InspirEngage Skills Bootcamps’ across the UAE for students and teachers- I’m reflecting on lessons learned and how doing business overseas is not … read more

  Happy 3rd Birthday InspirEngage   31st March marks the 3rd Birthday for InspirEngage International. It’s been an incredible 3 years- and far more than I ever envisaged by this time. When we started, my vision was to create a … read more

It’s 21st March 2012 and the Budget 2012 has just been announced.   The budget needs to always reflect the current needs of people, and today’s announcement has, at least in part, showed a willingness to move with the times … read more

Iran, or Persia as it was then known, is a country with a history dating back to the beginning of civilisation. Here are just a few of the things developed and founded in Iran. IRANIAN INVENTIONS SYSTEMS AND WAY OF … read more

New Govt plans to tackle Youth Unemployment- youth reaction!

Government offers wage incentive to businesses hiring jobless youths – We asked what young people think about it! Businesses offering work placements to unemployed teenagers will receive wage subsidies in the government’s latest effort to combat rising youth unemployment. From … read more

InspirEngage’s 3 Cornerstones   I am often asked what our Top Tips are for achieving your vision- whether it be to follow your dream career, start your own business or launch a personal initiative. One of InspirEngage International’s main focuses … read more

Young Apprentice It’s that time of the year. Today the candidates for Young Apprentice 2011 have been unveiled. I read an article earlier in the year stating that out of ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Dragons’ Den’ and ‘Junior Apprentice’, the programme which … read more

Bridging the Gap- announcement launch

I can now officially announce that InspirEngage International and A19 Skills have launched a partnership to deliver a ‘Bridging the Gap’ project. The objectives are simple: Provide qualifications and increase employment amongst young people. The project will see us providing … read more

InspirEngage International ‘Invest in Yourself’ Skills Seminar Saturday 20th August saw young people coming together from all walks of life at an event hosted by InspirEngage International. Whether they were professionals who just fancied a change of career, aspiring entrepreneurs … read more