Announcement: A Dream Come True (#AroundTehranWithMelody)

A few days ago, I posted the following video on my youtube channel, making my special announcement:   As said in the video, after working and helping communities across 100 countries and having spoken in over 50 countries, it’s always … read more

Do our Random Acts of Kindness Matter? An Experiment.

I witnessed a lovely Random Act of Kindness in my community. When I told the person that what they’re doing is a lovely thing, they told me that people probably wouldn’t care. I wanted to prove that wrong…… Meet Ed … read more

NEWS: Apprenticeships for Entrepreneurs + SocEnt

Yesterday, Unltd announced that the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has today approved a bid to develop an apprenticeship for entrepreneurs, including a specific pathway for social entrepreneurs. Due to the significant number of young people who want to … read more

VIDEO: Women and Social Enterprise: Startup & Stilettos

  Social Enterprise allows individuals to make money whilst making a difference! People call those who have been through adversity, ‘disadvantaged’ but when it comes to social enterprise, they are actually advantaged. Who better to solve domestic violence than someone … read more

Baby Blog: Life of a Mumpreneur

No-make selfie going into my social enterprise ‘BETTER’ gym . Lady at reception said “oh we haven’t seen you in a while!” That’s because I haven’t been for over 1.5 months. Pre-pregnancy I was 49/50kg. Post birth I was 62kg. … read more

InspirEngage Bootcamp for Mosaic Finalists at KPMG

  Mosaic supporter Melody Hossaini and CEO of InspirEngage International got down to serious business with budding entrepreneurs recently at the Enterprise Challenge Entrepreneurs’ Workshop. Melody, a former contestant on BBC’s The Apprentice, took this year’s winning and second placed Enterprise Challenge finalists … read more

Baby Blog: 1st Holiday Abroad

Sun, sea, sand and relaxation – lazy mornings, sun tanning by the pool and lot’s of chic-lit reading. That used to pretty much sum up my beach holiday pre-baby! Post-baby, the picture was a little different! Here’s my blog on … read more

Baby Blog: New Baby Food Recipes

My latest baby food recipes and tips for batch cooking. Hi guys! After posting pictures on my batch-cooking for Kian last night, lots of you were asking for a blog sharing the recipes and tips- so your wish is my … read more

Apprenticeships: Filling in the Gap

Yesterday, I was invited to attend and speak at the Leicestershire Apprenticeship Graduation at De Montfort Hall. I’ve always liked the model of apprenticeships. Learn and earn whilst working- but yesterday, I found new passion for it! Seeing the impact … read more

New Stats: Social Enterprises Outperforming Regular Businesses

Recent data from the 2015 Social Enterprise Survey shows a diverse sector exceeding expectations in both growth and impact. Over half of social enterprises have seen an increase in their turnover in the last year; this is partly due to … read more

VIDEO: How To Be Truly Wealthy

  Do you consider yourself wealthy? When thinking about it, how do you measure it? This Vlog is inspired by a conversation I had with a young person in my community, who carries herself with dignity and poise despite not … read more

VIDEO: Most Influential Woman in Europe Award (Press Release)

Immigrant Social Entrepreneur in England awarded ‘Europe’s Most Influential Woman’ Melody Hossaini, accepting her award in the European Parliament, Brussels. 4 June 2015 Melody Hossaini, who was a star on BBC’s The Apprentice in 2011, was awarded ‘New European Woman … read more

'New European Most Influential Woman' award- behind the scenes!

Last week I received an email saying that I had been nominated for an award. I had no idea, and they had found me online. A few days later, i received an email saying that I had won the award … read more

VIDEO: How a London College embedded Social Enterprise into Curriculum!

The Social Enterprise Revolution at Barnet and Southgate College – What Happened! Barnet and Southgate wanted to bring social enterprise into their curriculum areas in a big way! We spread impact across college with successful Teacher Training, both in-person Bootcamps and … read more

The Social Enterprise Speaker- Video

Is social enterprise our mainstream business model? Why are consumers more likely to buy from a social enterprise than any other business? What are the measures of success for social enterprises? All this and more in this latest video, sharing … read more

Startup & Stilettos graduate runs Art Class for local children!

Great example of women turning to social enterprise to make a difference! Last year I trained a lovely and vibrant lady called Patricia Bidi for an InspirEngage International programme called ‘Startup & Stilettos- The Future is Female’ in partnership with Hillcroft … read more

VIDEO: Social Enterprise Revolution at Boston College!

On 21 April 2015, InspirEngage International jointly hosted the first ever Social Enterprise Conference at Boston College. The overall aim was to open students’ and community members’ eyes up to the possibility of social enterprise. Melody and InspirEngage team, Janne … read more

Following my post yesterday, I wanted to do this video in response to some of the comments about whether we should share our random acts of kindness. I gave this a lot of thought and here’s the conclusion I came … read more

Random Act of Kindness...

As you all know, I love working at the library from time to time. Something about sharing a desk with complete strangers in a community space, is intriguing to me. Last week I witnessed bullying in the library; (see blog: … read more