Much More Than Formal Education (Dubai)

Trained these young children in Dubai in the InspirEngage International Bootcamp with the aim of breaking their norm of a classroom just being about books. We developed their confidence, trained them to think about their ongoing self-education, got them to … read more

Baby Blog: What we gifted Kian for his 2nd Christmas...

Baby’s Christmas is always so special- especially for first-time parents in trying so hard to create memories and wanting to do everything right. Read what we decided to give to Kian as his second Christmas present. If you have a … read more

Baby Blog: Working with Toys R Us for 'Babies 1st Christmas!'

Your baby’s first magical Christmas? Pleasure working with Toys R Us for their special blog on a baby’s 1st Christmas with all mine and two other lovely mummy bloggers top tips and little insights to make your first Christmas with your … read more

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2015 Blog

Last week, as all the world leaders of the Commonwealth nations gathered in Malta- so did young people. InspirEngage International Young Ambassador, Pras Boolaky was one of them. Here’s the fascinating blog about what happened. Hello everyone! This is Pras Boolaky- one … read more

What Parents of Successful Children Have in Common

Ever wondered what the recipe for raising successful children is? Well- there isn’t one! But here is a list of 10 things which parents of successful children have in common. Here at InspirEngage International we train individuals as young as … read more

How Young People Can Maximise Their Chances of Career Success.

  This must be the top issue raised by young people. Sorry, but if you graduate or even finish school and have zero experience, then what were you doing in your most time-rich period? You can get involved in so … read more

Happy World Kindness Day- video

Today on 13 November, it’s World Kindness Day. Kindness has been an important theme through the work of InspirEngage International and our social enterprise programmes, and also at the heart of my speaking tour ‘How to Change The World’. It’s … read more

Social Enterprise in Hong Kong

The social enterprise movement in the UK has grown to be one of the leading eco-systems globally. InspirEngage International is working across the world, supporting the development of social enterprise- most recently in Hong Kong. Here’s an insight into what … read more

Video- Women's Forum 2015: Advancement of Women in Business

Women’s Forum Panelist Since 2005 the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society has been the world’s leading platform featuring women’s views and voices on major social and economic issues. Deploying the experience of both women and men – business leaders, … read more

Why 'Soft Skills' are the Key to Students' Career Success

They’re known as ‘soft skills’ but we call them ‘life skills’ – but either way, they are the skills at the heart of what can mark the difference between success and failure for young people- whether academically accomplished or not. Skills such as identity, … read more

VIDEO: Interview with a Social Entrepreneur

Stats have shown that social enterprises are outperforming the mainstream business model (see full stats here). Watch this uncut interview with me at the National Social Enterprise Festival held at Greenwich University. Questions include what qualities young people need to … read more

Big Brother, X Factor and The Apprentice – just some of the big reality shows dominating our screens. But what’s the truth behind it all and where do we draw the line? Last year, I was invited to Birmingham City … read more

Open letter to my son on his 1st Birthday.

I have a son called Kian who is turning 1 on 10th September 2015. This is an open letter from me to him, as a guide through life. Open letter to my son on his 1st Birthday. Dear Kian, Before … read more

Iran: Speaking Tour & Reflections!

Have you ever had that feeling when you tick something off your bucket list? In this blog I want to share an insight into my first time delivering the #HowToChangeThe World tour and InspirEngage Bootcamp in a country I was … read more

GCSE Mock: E grade. My lesson.

You are your greatest asset & opportunity, just like you can also be your greatest limit. I always say that your circumstances don’t define you- your mindset does. In this blog, I wanted to share a little story with you … read more

VIDEO: Inspiring Story of 3 Young Changemakers

Happy Youth Day! An important day to celebrate the young people who work tirelessly to improve the world we live in. Supporting young people to feel better and acquire skills to create change in their communities, has formed a central … read more

What makes Social Enterprises Different?

As the social enterprise world grows, a lot of conversations are taking place on what really makes them unique and what is it that defines them. I touched on this recently at the Social Enterprise Festival- see this > A … read more

Immigration- I take it personally...

I posted this photo today (from the BBC) after being angered by the way the media and our Govt have reacted to news that so many people have died on our borders. The response isn’t mourning that lives were lost, … read more

VIDEO: How Social Enterprise Can Solve Climate Change -Presenting at Commonwealth Secretariat

Climate change – one of the greatest threats facing our world. We’re not talking a slightly warmer Summer, we are talking a substantial shortage of resources, natural disasters triggered by causes of climate change and a threat to vulnerable species. … read more