Maximise Exam Success With My Top Revision Tips!

No matter how much you hate it- we all have to take exams (that’s if you’re lucky enough to have the privilege of education.) So you might as well ace it- I visit schools and deliver a EXAM REVISION BOOTCAMPS – here are my top revision tips and tricks. (In Video and Text)

Just like anything else, there’s a system to everything and techniques you can adopt to ensure you maximise your success in that area. When I arrived in England aged 13 and English was my 3rd language, I had to take exams, sometimes not even understanding what the question really meant. This wasn’t a green flag for me to have a valid excuse not to do well, but instead reason why I needed to work 10 times harder and be clever about the techniques I used to do so in my exams.

This was further confirmed at University whilst completing a Law degree. Sounds all big, but a law degree is 80% down to memorising stuff! Cases, points of law and pointing to valid evidence- that’s all. And mastering the art of memorisation is what exam revision is all about. Whether you’re studying for school exams, college, University or special qualification, the tips are largely the same. So here are my top tips in brief. For a fuller explanation, watch the Youtube video above.

  • Choose a good spot that works for you then FOCUS! – Settle somewhere you feel comfortable and can focus, then disconnect your internet and make a deal with yourself that you won’t check your phone for 15minutes. You need focus for information to penetrate.

    Turn that frown upside down! Exam Success

  • Start early- You brain will work better in the morning and the more you get done, the more you can rest in the evening
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition! – Repeat the most important things over and over again, it works!
  • Visual notes up – The way advertising works is that we’re subconsciously influenced by what we see. Put notes up around your room- even when you don’t stop to read it, you’re taking it in.
  • Subconscious listening – Just like you’ll subconsciously take things in by what you see, you’ll also take things in subconsciously that you hear. Before taking my GCSEs, I remember recording a tape (yes I am that old!) of important things I had to remember, and would play it repeatedly in the background when I was doing menial tasks- it goes in!
  • Associations – This is a little trick which I found effective in my law degree. When you have to remember key things, associate them to an image (eg: case name Barrow Vs The State- would draw a wheel barrow and a tall building!)
  • Music- Ever wondered how you can remember lyrics for years? That’s because when you combine a set of words with a tune, it sticks! Do that with something you are revising- make a jingle and you’ll never forget it. (even after the exam, when you want to!)
  • Talk about it to understand basis – Try explaining it to a friend, helps you understand the subject more as a whole, as opposed to a rigid word for word format, which is more likely to go wrong, hence put more pressure on your memory.
  • Eat, drink, sleep – For your brain to be most effective, you need to nourish it! Drink lots of water, get some fresh air, have potassium-rich bananas and don’t pull too many late nighters!

And when the BIG EXAM moment comes:

  • Take a few deep breaths and stay calm – Even if you’re just fooling your mind into being calm, it will help you to retrieve information.
  • Make sure you understand the question- Sounds obvious, but before you start writing, be very clear what it’s asking of you.
  • Jot down the burst of memory - Because you’re on ‘memory-retrieval’ mode, as soon as you read the question, a million things will come to mind. Quickly jot them down somewhere in bullet-point format. Once you begin writing, you may forget some of the points so it’s important to capture it and also make a brief plan so you can manage your time.


Having the best grades you can get that reflect your ability is important and yes it will keen a door open for you in life, but whether you’re an academic high-achiever or not, there will be a path for you to pursue to be successful and do what you want to do. There is no one path for success. In the meantime prepare to be successful in your exams and GOOD LUCK!!

Melody Hossaini, InspirEngage International

Melody Hossaini. Revision Bootcamp

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