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World Leading Speaker, Skills Trainer and Success Coach.

With 17 years of expertise in people development, we deliver unforgettable, outcome-driven and moving talks and training Bootcamps. The aim is centred around developing motivation, inner life skills and an action plan for personal and team success, with social conscience. Our clients have ranged from educational institutions (struggling schools where students were previously failing, all the way to Oxford University), corporates (such as Philips and GE), to leading organisations (British Council, Mosaic and The Women’s Forum).

Born amidst war in Iran, to becoming a multi-award winning global social entrepreneur. Started aged 13, based in the UK, grew up in Sweden, have travelled the world.

Founder & CEO of InspirEngage International, portfolio in over 100 countries, reached over 1 million people; experts in training people to be successful by giving back, working with educational institutions, businesses and individuals.

Selected amongst 70,000 applicants to appear on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, becoming the first ever social entrepreneur to appear on the show, making it to week 10 out of 12, being described by Lord Sugar as ‘a woman of exceptional ability.’

Law graduate, trained by Nobel Laureates Desmond Tutu on Peace Implementation at PeaceJam in LA and former Vice-President Al Gore on Climate Change at Cambridge in 2007. As featured on CNBC, Sky News, Channel 4’s ‘Battlefront’, BBC 1’s ‘Show Me The Money’, HRH Queen’s 2009 Christmas Day speech (for projects at CHOGM) and regular writer for The Guardian. Most importantly of all, I’m mum to Kian.

Currently touring internationally, delivering my signature interactive speech; ‘How To Change The World.’ (email: info@inspirEngage.com for bookings).

Check out the ‘Blog’ section for up to date blogs on careers, enterprise and life as a mumpreneur! I’m Melody Hossaini – welcome to my personal website!

Want a flavour of my story, work, and hear me speak? Click below to watch my TEDx talk in Malaysia in 2013 ‘Social Enterprise Revolution’


For all enquiries, email: info@inspirEngage.com

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